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So... What I am interested in these days is how we look at the world. Or specifically, the gestures of our thoughts as perceived through what we look at. It’s, whether the eye lingers on a transient moment, or dances across a landscape – these are the flickers and direction of thought that shape an impression, a picture. What we see… it isn't contained, isn't bounded, isn't framed in the 'box of the work,’ the viewfinder, the finished matted piece. I always wonder what is outside the frames, always try to imply the larger universe beyond the square that defines my work.


Lee picked up his step-father’s old Nikon F when he was 11 years old and has kept clicking away at it for over four decades. He graduated from the S.I. Newhouse School for Public Communications in 1981 and worked as a photographer principally producing stock from emerging Asian nations for Black Star, a photojournalism agency. Family called in 1993 and he traded in the camera for a computer keyboard in the nascent field of web design. Eight years, and millions of keystrokes later, Lee moved on from his job managing website design projects at Smith Barney into the wide open spaces of creative writing – emerging from that process with a fast paced thriller, but no publisher. Today, he is a Manager at Sayles Group and has returned to his first love, Photography.

Writing – Fiction

Ashes – A novel by Lee Day

What Makes a Man a Terrorist or a Hero?  

Circumstance, an inflection point, a man unraveling.

In the heart of Israel-Palestine, crisis presses in on Jerusalem. An American CIA analyst in the Middle East, conceives a solution to the Temple Mount conflict – the irresolvable passion standing between peace and war for the peoples of these intertwined lands. His solution will send the city staggering towards salvation – a salvation that only an utterly logical mind would dare propose, though the cost to him is sanity in the eyes of a world obsessed with terrorism.

Ashes is a thriller that exposes the politics of extremism to its logical conclusions through the window of one man's reluctant descent into the madness engulfing him.

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